Camperman: Campervan Hire Australia

Travel Agent Registration Form


Please fill out our Travel Agent Registration form below or download the form and fax to us.

We are happy to sell and promote the Campervans of Camperman Australia and agree that we have down-loaded the copy of the Terms and Conditions of Camperman Australia and agree that the Terms and Conditions are fair and equitable.

We agree to abide by Camperman Australia's payment conditions as detailed below

  1. Our commission rate with Camperman Australia starts at 25% and is volume orientated. A Commission structure sheet will be sent to you when we receive your Agent Application

  2. The commission is calculated on the full retail price. Being that our prices are "all inclusive" the agent receives a better quality commission.

  3. I agree to collect the commission as a deposit on the rental. Volume based agreements with selected agents are available. Free-sale is offered to volume based agents. Please send me my log in details and Camperman Australia`s Volume based offers.